Solder Paste

Jet Dispensing Paste


For Jet Dispensing

Realized both fine coating and meltability at the same time!
Achieved the smallest dispensed diameter in the world and no nozzle clogging!



Compatible with High-speed and Fine Jet Dispensing


BGA Application Evaluation (Ceramic Plate)












Best Solution for Solder Application to Non-printable Parts such as 3D Structures


Solder Supply to dented places such as various modules and LED modules using cavity structure printed circuit boards.






Excellent Meltability


Melted with even Small Amount of Application


BGA Dot Coating Evaluation (on Actual Substrate)


0.65mm Pitch BGA ∅200μm x 2 dot


0.4mm Pitch BGA ∅200μm


Before Reflow




O2:500 ppm

After Reflow



There is no particular problem with the applied condition and subsequent reflow process.







  Characteristics    winDot-F005-NP303




Alloy Composition










Powder Type



Type5, 6, 7


♦ Jet Dispensing Paste


Halide Content