Solder Paste

Epoxy Resin
Low Temperature Solder




Dust from Flux Residue after Soldering


The epoxy resin that sticks the flux residue prevents optical components such as lenses from contamination.



Shear Strength after Reflow Soldering(for 0603 Sized Chip Component)


Compared to conventional rosin based flux paste, there is high shear strength and less deterioration after thermal shock test.


Initial Shear Strength (kgf)



100 Cycles

Shear Strength after 100 heat cycle

at -40°C~125°C (kgf)





Print Stability during Use


Maintains viscosity and solderability without significant changes for up to 8 hours of continuous printing.


Viscosity Change with Continuous Printing




After 8 Hours






Characteristics  SB58-EPP101-T4  SB58-EPC101-T4



Supply of

Solder Paste









Alloy Composition





♦ Epoxy Resin


Powder Type





♦ Low Temperature


Halide Content






Reflow Oven



Possible under air reflow oven

(N2 reflow oven necessary for type5 and type 6)


Storage Condition



Customizing possible according to the product and the process.