Solder Paste

For Air Pressure Dispensing and Laser Soldering


Solder Paste with Excellent Continuous Stable Dispensing
and to be Applicable for Laser Soldering.

Stable Dispensability and Excellent Solderability with Rapid Laser Heating even with Halogen-Free



Stable Dispensing Appearance


Type5 Solder Paste

Keep Stable Dispensing after 300,000 Shots

Dispinsing Diameter: 300μm






Continuous Stable Volume of Dispensing


The Number of Dispensing Change with the Amount of Dispensing




Comparison of Solder Melting during Laser Heating


Compared to conventional products, wettability is improved and spattering is reduced by about 30%.






NP303-DPS101-T4/ T5




Conventional Products





Reflow Test by Area-Laser


Printed Solder Paste of NP303-DPS101-T4


Local Reflow by Area-Laser



Equipment: Selective Reflow Equipment of Laserssel Co. ( Cooperated with Techno Alpha Co.)






  Characteristics    NP303-DPS101-T4/T5



Alloy Composition







Melting Point





♦ For Air Pressure Dispensing

      and Laser Soldering


Powder Type



Type4, 5



Halide Content