CSR Basic Policy

We have basic policy that governs maintaining of a balanced and harmonious relationship with stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers, local communities, financial institutions and governments.
We strive to fulfill the following commitments to be the reliable company.

Ⅰ Human rights and labor

(I-1)Prohibition of enforced labor
We hire employees at their free will, and will not force the employees into compulsory labor.

(I-2)Prohibition of inhumane treatment
We respect Human rights of the employees, and prohibit any sort of brutal and inhumane treatments such as abuse and harassments.

(I-3)Prohibition of child labor
We do not hire children under minimum age for employment, and avoid such tasks that hinder the children from sound development.

(I-4)Prohibition of discrimination
We strive to eliminate discrimination at recruiting and employment, and to realize equality of opportunities and treatment.

(I-5)Adequate wage
We pay employees at least minimum wage, and will not unreasonably deduct from their wage.

(I-6)Work hours
We pay employees at least minimum wage, and will not unreasonably deduct from their wage.

(I-7)Employees’ right to organize
We respect right of employees to organize as a means to realize labor-management discussions on work environment, wage level, and such.

Ⅱ Health and safety

(Ⅱ-1)Safety measures of machinery
We take adequate safety measures for the machinery to be used within the company.

(Ⅱ-2)Workplace safety
We evaluate the risk regarding workplace safely, and secure safety by way of adequate design and technical and maintenance method.。

(Ⅱ-3)Sanitary of work place
We grasp the status of hazardous biological and chemical substances, noise and odor at work place, and take adequate measures.

(Ⅱ-4)Workplace injuries and illness
We grasp workplace injuries and illness, and take adequate measures.

(Ⅱ-5)Emergency procedures
We prepare emergency procedures for possible disasters and accidents to secure safety, and have people at workplace aware of the procedures.

(Ⅱ-6)Arrangement of physically demanding tasks
We designate physically demanding tasks, and manage them so they will not lead to accidents or illness.

(Ⅱ-7)Health and safety of facilities
We secure health and safety of the facilities such as dorms, cafeteria, and rest rooms provided for employees’living.

(Ⅱ-8)Health management of employees
We provide adequate health management to all employees.

Ⅲ Environment

(Ⅲ-1)Management of chemical substances in the product
We manage all chemical substances controlled by relevant laws and regulations pertaining to all products.

(Ⅲ-2)Management of chemical substances used during production process
We manage chemical substances designated by the local laws and regulations that are used during production process.

(Ⅲ-3)Environment management system
We establish and operate environment management system.

(Ⅲ-4)Minimization of effect to the environment (drainage water, polluted mud, exhaust air, etc.)
We respect local laws and regulations regarding drainage water, polluted mud, and exhaust air, and set our own rules for further improvements, when required.

(Ⅲ-5)Environmental permit / Administrative approval
In accordance with the local laws and regulations, we seek and obtain administrative approvals when required, and submit due reports to the administration.

(Ⅲ-6)Effective utilization of resource and energy (3R)
We set our own goals to realize resource and energy savings, and work on continually effective utilization of resource and energy.

(Ⅲ-7)Reduction in emission of greenhouse gas
We set our own goals to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas discharge, and work continually for reduction.

(Ⅲ-8)Reduction of waste
We set our own goals to reduce the amount of final waste, and work continually for reduction.

(Ⅲ-9)Disclosure of environmental effort
Outcome of the environmental effort shall be disclosed as required.

Ⅳ Fair Trading

(Ⅳ-1)Prohibit corruption and bribery
Bribes or other means of obtaining undue or improper advantage are not to be promised, offered, authorized, given or accepted.

(Ⅳ-2)Prohibit abuse of a superior position
Suppliers are requested not to create disadvantage for their suppliers by abuse of their superior position.

(Ⅳ-3)Prohibit impediment to free competition
Suppliers are requested not to impede fair, transparent, and free competition.

(Ⅳ-4)Provide accurate information on products and services
Suppliers are requested to provide accurate information on products and services to
consumers and customers.

(Ⅳ-5)Respect intellectual property
Suppliers are requested not to infringe upon intellectual property rights.

(Ⅳ-6)Use appropriate export procedures
Suppliers are requested to comply with all applicable import, export and re-export control laws and regulations of the countries having jurisdiction over them or their applicable transactions.

(Ⅳ-7)Disclose appropriate company information
Information regarding Suppliers’ labor, health and safety, environmental practices, business activities, structure, financial situation and performance is to be disclosed in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices. Falsification of records or misrepresentation of conditions or practices in the supply chain are unacceptable.

(Ⅳ-8)Detect injustice promptly
Suppliers are requested to have a whistleblower protection policy in place so as to encourage employees to bring forth their concerns without fear of retaliation.

(Ⅳ-9)Responsible minerals procurement
Suppliers should have a policy to reasonably assure that the minerals used in the products they manufacture does not directly or indirectly:
– cause problems such as human rights violations, environmental destruction, child labor, etc.
– finance or benefit armed groups engaged in conflict.

Ⅴ Quality and safely

(V-1)Securing product safely
When we design products on our own, we make sure the product meets the safety standard of relevant laws and regulations.

(V-2)Quality management system
We build and utilize quality management system.

Ⅵ Information Security

(Ⅵ-1)Secure computer networks against threats
Suppliers are requested to protect against threats to their computer network, so as to prevent damage to their company and others.

(Ⅵ-2)Prevent the leakage of personal information
Suppliers are requested to appropriately control and protect personal information of employees, customers, and third parties.

(Ⅵ-3)Prevent the leakage of customer and third-party confidential information
Suppliers are requested to control and protect confidential information from customers and third parties.

Ⅶ Contribution to Society

(Ⅶ-1)Contribute to society and community
Suppliers are encouraged to practice proactive voluntary activities to contribute to the development of global society and local community.

Ⅷ Development of CSR Procurement to whole Supply-Chain

Suppliers are required to observe CSR Procurement and to extend CSR Procurement to whole Supply-Chain.